Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

SubscriptionBridge + PayPal Website Payments Pro Recurring Payments

SubscriptionBridge adds subscription management features to PayPal's WPP Recurring Payments
SubscriptionBridge and PayPal

Why do I need both?

SubscriptionBridge adds lots of subscription management features to PayPal Recurring Payments. In a nutshell, here is how the two systems work together:

  • Recurring Payments -> Triggered and processed by PayPal
  • Pretty much everything else -> SubscriptionBridge

Recurring payments are triggered and processed by PayPal. No credit card numbers are ever stored by SubscriptionBridge. This ensures maximum security, reliability, and flexibility. For example, if you choose to stop using SubscriptionBridge (or if SubscriptionBridge experiences a technical issue), payments will not be affected: the recurring billing profiles still exist (and payments continue to be processed) in your PayPal account.

What does SubscriptionBridge add to Website Payments Pro recurring payments?

Lots of features. Use the table below to compare using PayPal WPP Recurring Payments with and without SubscriptionBridge.

    PayPal WPP   PayPal WPP +
Subscription ManagementSubscription Management    
Search and view existing subscriptions Feature included Feature included
Easily create subscription packages Feature included Feature included
Add/remove features to a subscription - Feature included
Upgrade/downgrade to a related subscription package - Feature included
Create one-time, catch-up payments - Feature included
Create Custom Subscription Adjustments - Feature included
Customer ServiceCustomer Service    
Notify customers when important scenarios occur (credit card expiration, trial ending, etc.) Partial support Feature included
Add custom messages to the notifications automatically sent by the system (e.g. instructions related to a free trial). - Feature included
Allow customers to end a trial and switch to a full subscription (Merchant can do the same). - Feature included
Allow customers to add/remove features to/from an existing subscription (if any), with automatic calculation of pro-rata amount due for current billing period. - Feature included
Automatically and/or manually request catch-up payments when needed (e.g. outstanding balance) Partial support Feature included
Email subscription notificationsE-mail Notifications    
Basic, text-only e-mail notifications Feature included -
Rich, HTML e-mail notifications - See some examples - Feature included
Over 10 customer service messages sent automatically in different scenarios - View a list Limited Feature included
Ability to resend a notification email - Feature included
Built-in shopping cart - Feature included
Built-in integration with popular shopping carts - Feature included
SubscriptionBridge APIIntegration with Other Applications    
API for simple integration with another application Feature included Feature included
API for advanced, event-based integration Limited number of "events" are tracked- Feature included
"Silent Posts" when a number of events occur (e.g. customer switched from trial to full account) Same Feature included
Secure payment systemPayment Features    
Flexible recurring payment plans The same system is used. The same system is used.
Secure, PCI-DSS compliant payment system PCI-DSS compliant Leverage's PayPal's PCI compliance status.
PCI-DSS validation under way for the SB-hosted payment pages.