Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

Subscription Management & Recurring Payments

Recurring billing just got a whole lot easier.
Sell subscriptions

Easily create & sell a subscription

With the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center it's a snap to create subscription packages (e.g. online magazine), optional features (e.g. get the print edition too), and make them available for sale wherever you want.

  • Place a simple link on any Web page and leverage the built-in checkout system
  • Use an integrated shopping cart
  • Integrate your own Web application using the SubscriptionBridge API
Edit subscriptions

Lots of ways to edit a subscription

Subscriptions are never static: change payment method, add features, upgrade, downgrade, switch from a trial to a full account, ... you name it.

SubscriptionBridge contains many tools that...

  • Allow you to quickly locate, view, and edit subscriptions (view a list of subscription management features)
  • Allow your customers to make changes too (if you allow them), using the Customer Center or from another application (API integration).
Reduce customer service costs

Reduce customer service costs

A recurring payment is declined. What do you do? SubscriptionBridge will follow-up automatically, multiple times, reminding the customer to pay the outstanding balance. You save time and money (and a headache too!). Other examples?

  • Quickly handle subscription changes
  • Let customers take care of tasks on their own using the built-in Customer Center
  • Read more about cost savings with SubscriptionBridge
Recurring payments

Reliable recurring payments

Are you using PayPal recurring payments or Authorize.Net Automated Recurring Billing? Turbo-charge them with SubscriptionBridge. No recurring payment system yet? Check out the integration with the Cloud Nation Payment Gateway.

Subscription reports

Outstanding balances? Found

There are lots of useful subscription management features in the SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center. Among them is a friendly reporting system that allows you to see:

  • Sales over time
  • Sales by subscription package, plan, or customer
  • Subscriptions with outstanding balances, so you can decide whether you need to further follow-up with those customers (or let SubscriptionBridge do it automatically).
Subscription management API

Connect a custom application

You're running a subscription-based business, have an application that provides the product/service, and need a way to sell, view, edit, cancel, etc. those subscriptions. The SubscriptionBridge API is for you.

  • Sell subscriptions from your custom app
  • Leverage lots of subscription management tools
  • Leverage the SubscriptionBridge Customer Center, or build customer service tools right into your application