Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

Simple pricing, sophisticated features

With SubscriptionBridge you just pay for what you use. Seems pretty common-sense.
How many subscribers?
SubscribersNumber of Subscribers SubscribersYour cost
Less than 100, first 90 days FREE
Less than 100, after 90 days $25/month
Less than 500 $0.25 per subscriber
Less than 2,500 $0.20 per subscriber
Less than 10,000 $0.15 per subscriber
Less than 50,000 $0.11 per subscriber
Over 50,000 Let's talk!

FREE for 90 days, up to 100 subscribers

SubscriptionBridge is completely free of charge for the first 90 days (up to a total of 100 paying subscribers managed through the system). After that, if you still have less than 100 paying subscribers, you will pay a flat fee of $25 per month. Otherwise, you will pay based on the table shown above. Fair, simple, and easy for you to factor into your business model. Not clear, do not hesitate to call or email us.

Multiple businesses, one SubscriptionBridge "control panel"

With SubscriptionBridge you can manage multiple subscription-based businesses (e.g. you own different wine shops, which offer different "Wine Clubs"), from the same SB Merchant Center (your "control panel"). You are only charged based on the total number of subscribers managed through the system. There is no extra charge for having multiple businesses ("stores") in your SB Merchant Center.

Multiple subscription packages, no extra charges

Unlike other subscription billing systems, SubscriptionBridge allows you to create and sell unlimited, different subscription packages. For example, let's say you are selling a support plan for a business application. You could offer that support plan with a monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing option, at different prices. You could also offer a "Standard" and a "Pro" version of the support plan, each with different billing options. It's entirely up to you. All charges are only based on the number of paying subscribers.

What you need to get started...

Nothing really. If you just want to try out SubscriptionBridge and see if you like it, you can start your free trial at any time and use the fictitious payment gateway that we built into the system. Then, if you decide that you want to use it to manage real subscriptions, you'll setup a new "store" in your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, using one of the supported payment gateways.

Pricing-related frequently asked questions

Does your per-subscriber charge include all the payment fees associated with the recurring transactions?

No, those are charged by the payment gateway that you decide to use. Unfortunately, there's no way around it. When there is a credit card transaction, there's payment gateway and merchant account fees involved (sometimes combined into one fee, e.g. Braintree). When you factor in all the costs, SubscriptionBridge typically ends up being much cheaper than competing subscription billing systems.

So, if those are not included, what am I paying for?

You are paying for a system that can substantially reduce the cost of running a subscription-based business, while giving you the tools to create and sell subscription packages quickly and easily. For example, SubscriptionBridge sends out over two dozen different e-mail reminders in all kinds of scenarios in order to automatically communicate with your customers on the status of their subscriptions.

See a list of subscription management features.

You charge me monthly, even if I charge my customer quarterly (or bi- weekly, or yearly, etc.): correct?

That's correct. Your SubscriptionBridge account will be charged monthly based on the total active subscribers at the end of the month. It does not matter to the system what kind of payment interval you chose for your subscriptions. In fact, in many cases you will offer different payment intervals for the same service. You are completely free to do whatever fits your business model, compatibly with the settings of the payment gateway that you selected. Regardless of how often you end up charging your customers, your SubscriptionBridge account will be charged monthly.

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(*) A subscriber is a subscription profile (the same customer theoretically could have multiple subscription profiles). Subscriptions that have an outstanding balance (e.g. for late payment) are counted (even if you might have temporarily suspended service to those customers). Canceled subscriptions are not counted.