Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

How do I get started?

Everything you need to run a subscription-based business with SubscriptionBridge

Here's what you need

NOTE: if you just want to try SubscriptionBridge, you do not need a payment gateway. You can just use the fictitious payment gateway that's built into it for testing purposes. So, let's talk even if you don't have an account with any of the payment systems mentioned below.

Payment Gateway

To use SubscriptionBridge you need an account with a supported recurring payment system.


  • Get the most out of SubscriptionBridge by using the integration with this popular payment gateway
  • Braintree gives you both a merchant account and a payment gateway (and no fees on the first $50,000 in transactions)
  • Credit cards are stored in a PCI-compliant credit card vault, never in SubscriptionBridge
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  • An Internet merchant account (through Authorize.Net or through your bank)
  • An account: prices and other info
  • Authorize.Net’s Automated Recurring Billing service ($10/month)
  • Total for merchant account + gateway + ARB: typically around $30/month + transaction fees

SubscriptionBridge account

Go here for pricing and other information.

A place for your customers to buy

This is an easy one! Once you create a subscription package in your SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center, you can make it available for sale in a variety of ways.

  1. A link in an e-mail or on a Web page, taking advantage of the built-in checkout. The SubscriptionBridge Merchant Center will provide a friendly URL that you can use anywhere an HTML link can be added.
  2. A Web store powered by a shopping cart that has been integrated with SubscriptionBridge
  3. A custom application (or just a custom payment form) integrated with SubscriptionBridge through the SB API.

More about integrating SubscriptionBridge with your business.