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Subscription billing for startups

Why choose SubscriptionBridge as the recurring billing service for your startup

Are you running a startup and want to build subscription billing into your system from the start? You're doing the right thing. Subscription-based business models can do wonders as your business grows, but managing those subscriptions can take an enormous amount of time if you don't have the right tools in place.

Well, you've come to the right place. SubscriptionBridge has the subscription billing tools you need, the pricing you can afford, and the attentive service you deserve. Let's look at a few of the many reasons why choosing SubscriptionBridge as your recurring billing system is a smart decision.

Free trial

90-day FREE trial with no credit card required

Figuring out whether you found the right set of subscription billing tools takes time. We agree. That's why our free trial, it always you to really try SubscriptionBridge and see if it will work.

  • No credit card required
  • 90-days at no cost (up to 100 subscribers: see details)
  • Test gateway to simulate purchasing, editing, canceling, etc. a subscription
  • Free consultation with our staff to assist you in deciding whether SB is for you
subscription billing prices

Smart & fair pricing

First of all let's make one thing clear: our cost is completely independent from the price you charge for your subscriptions, so it would be unfair to charge you based on a percentage of the transaction amount, unlike some of our competitors. Secondly, you should not be charged for subscriptions that don't even exist (yep, some competitors do exactly that). Our pricing is as simple as it can be:

subscription billing testing

Real testing tools

We know how important it is to be able to "really" test things out. Like being able to see how notification emails will look in each of the many scenarios when a message is automatically sent, or simulate the response that SubscriptionBridge can send to your system, so you can test how to react to it.

  • Send test emails
  • Test events posted to a Callback URL that you specify
  • Set up multiple businesses and subscription packages (e.g. to have both a staging and a production environment running at the same time)
subscription billing API

Complete API with embeddable forms

SubscriptionBridge has a robust, full-featured recurring billing API that you can leverage from within your applications.

  • XML API that allows you to create subscriptions, send/receive notifications, send/receive events, and manage existing subscriptions
  • JS API to embed onetime payments, update billing details, and checkout (Beta)
  • Sample code in,, PHP and JS
  • Extensive, constantly updated documentation
  • Fantastic, developer friendly customer service

Contact us for more information, or heard over to the free trial sign-up form to give SubscriptionBridge a try!