Subscription management and recurring billing solutions

Payment Gateways

SubscriptionBridge supports the following recurring payment systems
Recurring payment systems

Authorize.Net ARB & PayPal Recurring Payments

SubscriptionBridge currently supports the following payment gateways that offer robust recurring payment engines. SubscriptionBridge adds subscription management features to them, while they remain the ones triggering the recurring payments:

Cloud Nation Payment Gateway

Cloud Nation Payment Gateway

The recurring payment engines listed above are robust, scalable, and do the job just fine when a subscription tends not to change much over time. In other scenarios, they can be somewhat limiting. For example, there is really no way to support usage-based billing with an Authorize.Net ARB account.

Meet the Cloud Nation Payment Gateway: we partnered with a leading payment service provider to bring you a payment gateway that includes a Level 1 PCI compliant credit card vault and a number of other features that allow SubscriptionBridge to tackle much more complex recurring billing needs.